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LAXpress van rental provide a range of options to meet your different traveling needs right from the 8-passenger, 12-passenger to the 15- passenger vans. In addition, LAXpress also offer minivans including large sized cargo vans as well.

Depending on the location and the city where you live, you may be able to get access to various van rental options available. Generally, the 15-passenger van rentals are more popular, especially for airport pick-ups and transfers. They can also be excellent for traveling in large groups to vacation spots, resorts and beaches.

It is very easy to hire van rental, you can book it through the Internet. Get the best price quote on the different types of passenger van services that are available for hire. Choose the best vehicle that meets your travel needs and make a booking by specifying the date, time and the pick-up location and complete the process with a credit card payment.

The western United States region is vast, its freeways and traffic legendary. Gas prices have hit record highs in recent years, matched only by exorbitant insurance rates that continue snapshot20140209211359 to rise, to say nothing of parking costs. For today’s practical traveler with a large family or cargo, renting a van is the smart, all-in-one option that keeps gas, parking and insurance costs low, keeps your family and belongings together, and keeps your trip stress-free.

Based in sunny Los Angeles, California, LAXpress Van Rentals offers unbeatable low prices and top-shelf customer service. We have a variety of models available to suit any space requirement, from 12- and 15-passenger vans to cargo vans, family minivans and even new-model Ford Mustangs for the more adventurous. All our vehicles come equipped with air conditioning, and we offer accessories such as baby seats and GPS (Global Positioning Systems).

I’ve been renting vans from LAXpress Van Rental for over 3 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Network EngineerLos Angeles, California

LAXpress is committed to offering its customers perks you won’t get with other van rental companies, such as 250 free miles per day, the ability to register two drivers per van free, and significant discounts on monthly rentals.

And whether you need yourself or your rental van picked up or dropped off, LAXpress’ staff is constantly on hand to make your traveling experience a breeze, boasting locations from San Francisco to San Diego, Phoenix to Las Vegas.

So whether you’re gearing up for a family reunion, sporting event, old-fashioned road trip or simply transporting goods, turn to LAXpress Van Rental. Value, service, convenience… we’ve got you covered.

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LAXpress Van Rental provides van rental options in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco Bay Area and 11 other location across the western USA.
Rent a van in Los Angeles Airport (LAX) with LAXpressVanRental.com. Minutes from LAX
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